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This is Eason Chang's website. You can find my interesting projects, thoughts, learning notes, dev experiences, etc.

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Who's Eason Chang

Hey! I am Eason Chang (Yin-Hsiang Chang) 👋

I'm a Fullstack Developer / Maker. I love to build interesting cool stuff! My dream is to make humanity better with my inventions.

I also love writing posts, covering software engineering, web dev, maker, and productivity.

I recently lived in Taiwan 🇹🇼, and work at Trend Micro as Sr. Software Engineer, protecting your information security.

Recently I am preparing for 2022 iThome ironman challenge 🔥🔥

Let's talk!

If you want to connect with me, you can find me here:

Feel free to contact me to be my friends, build stuff with me, or just say hello! 😆

Or you can leave a message below~

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Except for checking out latest posts page, you can also follow me on Twitter and thumbs up my FB fanpage. Or subscribe RSS Feed. I will keep you updated.

More details

How I built this site

After many migrations, my site is currently built with Next.js.

You can find the source code in this Github Repository: Kamigami55/easonchang.com-next

I will have a series of posts about deeper tech details about it this September. Stay tuned!