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"Timez" project is a timezone converter web app that allows users to convert time between different timezones and compare overlapping time periods.

I created this project with Carol Hsiao. She designed the whole UI and I implemented it using Next.js and Tailwind CSS.

Demo & Source Code

"Timez" a open-source project, you can check the demo and source code here:

Why we created this project

We created this project because we just moved from Taiwan to Canada. The timezone offset between Taiwan (UTC+8) and Canada(UTC-7) is 15 hours.

We found it difficult for our parents and friends in Taiwan to find a good time to call us.

So we wanted to create a tool that makes it easy to convert time between different timezones and compare overlapping time periods.

That's why We created the Time Zone Converter.

Key Features

  • Time Zone Conversion: Convert time between any two time zones effortlessly.
  • Overlap Comparison: Compare overlapping time periods to find the best meeting times.
  • Dark Mode Support: A user-friendly interface that supports dark mode, making it easy on the eyes during late-night planning sessions.


I used my favorite tech stack to build this project:

  • Next.js v14: React.js meta-framework for server-side rendering and efficient routing
  • TypeScript: Static type checking for JavaScript
  • Tailwind CSS: Utility-first CSS framework for rapid UI development
  • shadcn/ui: Beautiful and functional UI components
  • luxon: Date and time manipulation library
  • @vvo/tzdb: Timezone data library
  • @dnd-kit: Intuitive drag and drop functionality for user interaction
  • Vercel: Website hosting
  • Figma: UI/UX design


Time Zone Converter project demo


We hope you find the Time Zone Converter helpful for managing time across different time zones.

If you have any feedback or suggestions, please feel free to contact us by leave a comment below.


Prior art and inspiration for this project: